Cook and Entertainer?

Minimal Kitchens - How to get Everything you Want

October 2019
5 minute read
Poggenpohl +Segmento kitchen detail
How long have you been dreaming of your perfect kitchen?
Weeks, months … years?!

There’s so much choice. It’s easy to get locked in kitchen limbo.

This article will take you from stuck, to sautéing squid in no time.

You’ll learn

  • 1 golden rule when planning your kitchen - you'll be surprised!
  • 2 essential questions to give you clarity on what you need
  • 3 simple steps to bring your dream kitchen to life

plus a free resource to download, to get your project started.

This’ll give you everything you need to talk confidently with your interior designer. So they can create your perfect minimal kitchen.

Let’s start with the golden rule . . .


Budget’s NOT Important

That’s right. Banish all thoughts of money.


Because at the beginning, it’s not relevant.
Right now you need to be in dream mode. And in the land of dreams, money’s no object.
You might think I sound crazy, but this is key.
If you’re telling yourself . . .

'I can’t afford a Gaggenau steam oven AND a Miele wine cooler'

you’re limiting your options.
You’ll miss out on loads of great ideas.

This stage is about creative thinking, not budgeting.

A good designer will achieve more than you can imagine. So let them worry about getting everything in budget.

To move your project forward, put money aside and answer these two essential questions.

+Segmento kitchen by Poggenpohl
+SEGMENTO by Poggenpohl features integrated wall panelling with adjustable brushed aluminium shelving. Continuing the panels from kitchen into living areas creates a seamless flow. Perfect for minimal open plan living.


1. Do you cook?

Are your elBulli books more decorative than useful?

It’s ok not to love cooking. Perhaps entertaining’s your thing?
So chilling champagne’s more important than sweating over a six burner hob.

It’s important to be honest, or you’ll end up with a kitchen that’s totally wrong for you.

The key question is ...

What will I use my kitchen for?

This can be hard to answer. So to help you do this in a fun and easy way, we created

Your Perfect Kitchen Discovery Sheet

It’ll give you clarity, and all the information your designer needs to create a totally tailor made kitchen.

Get yours by downloading THE INTERIOR YOU WANT GUIDE HERE

And see how to use it in the 'Simple Steps' section below.

Salinas kitchen by Patricia Urquiola for Boffi
Salinas by Boffi has a basic modular structure in black metal. Attach to this an extensive range of cabinet doors and worktops and you have a highly adaptable kitchen. Hidden utensil storage within the worktop also conceals the plumbing, electric and extractor elements.
Boffi K14 kitchen sink detail
Boffi kitchens are a masterclass in refined minimalism. The seamless integration of the sink in their K14 kitchen shows this perfectly.

2. What else is your kitchen?

As well as cooking and entertaining, the modern kitchen can be designed to do anything.
Does yours also need to be a dining room, a place for relaxation, a utility room, or somewhere you can work?

It’s essential to know these extra functions from the start so

  1. the room can be planned to fit everything in
  2. the kitchen seamlessly matches all the other furniture

Here are some questions to get you thinking about what else you may need.

  • Do you need an area for eating?
  • While you cook, do your guests need somewhere to chill and relax?
  • Would you like an integrated sound system?
  • Do you need an area to work?

Brainstorm away and jot these down on your discovery sheet.

Now here's how to use the sheet.

b1 kitchen by Bulthaup in large industrial room
If you love white, then b1 by Bulthaup is the perfect kitchen for you. There are 3 distinct elements - a cooking island, wall line and tall unit block. A subtle top angle to the cabinet doors provides a hidden handle which opens to reveal a warm birchwood interior.
Boffi Aprile kitchen cabinet and countertop detail
The matching stainless steel worktop and cabinets of Aprile by Boffi, show how perfectly they engineer their kitchens.


1. Start with your Kitchen Discovery Sheet

Trying to imagine everything you want in your perfect kitchen can feel impossible.

It's much easier to notice what you do, as you do it. Then use this to generate the list of what you need.

This sheet will help you do just that.

Keep it in your kitchen, and over the next 2 weeks, fill it in.
There’s a space to write down each thing you do.

For example, you might jot

  • cooked for dinner party of 8
  • made sauce on the hob with electric whisk
  • ate out every night of the week!

There’s also a section to note down tasks that were awkward, or you couldn’t do. This will highlight other things you’ll need.

By the end you'll have a clear idea of EVERYTHING you need in your new kitchen.

Your interior designer will love you for this. They can create you a totally tailor made kitchen.

Get your Discovery Sheet by downloading THE INTERIOR YOU WANT GUIDE HERE

Vipp kitchen against a concrete wall
Vipp is the ultimate in minimal simplicity. One design, one colour and one countertop. Made from powder coated steel it's beautifully engineered and built to last. Why have other options when this one's so perfect?
Nordic archipelago kitchen by Nordiska Kök
Nordiska Kök make beautiful minimal kitchens which also radiate warmth. Here’s their dark oak design inspired by the Nordic archipelago. The Gotland limestone splashback softly reflects in the stainless steel countertop.
Nordiska Kök

Discovery Sheet in Action

A client came to us stuck in kitchen limbo.

The back of her house had a traditional layout with separate kitchen, dining and living rooms. She’d recently had the garden redesigned and told us,

'I love the garden so much, it’s the best room in the house!
How can I get rid of this horrible kitchen and enjoy the garden more without ruining it with a nasty conservatory?'

Time for our discovery sheet.

As she started to fill it in, the project came to life. It got her thinking in a totally different way. Here’s what emerged.


The kitchen was badly configured. There was nowhere to eat, entertain, or for guests to relax. She loved the garden because it was contemporary and looked beautiful all year round, but it was inaccessible in the winter. She also loved opera but the sound in the kitchen was tinny.

Our Solution

Transform the back of the house into an open plan kitchen | living space. Create a modern minimal style to match the garden. Replace the rear of the house with retractable glass giving her a seamless view and an entertaining area for all seasons. Integrate a state of the art surround sound system.

'to think all this started with your discovery sheet Dan, it's genius'
Caroline B
Shape kitchen by Poliform
Shape is the latest kitchen from Poliform. Elegantly integrated handles and clever storage solutions built into the countertop. A new take on minimalism from this iconic brand.

2. Create your Pinterest board

Now you've a list of everything you do in your kitchen, it’s time to let your imagination run wild. This is about how your kitchen will look.

For this, Pinterest’s your best friend.

Create a board called ‘Kitchen’.
If you’re not sure how to do this here's our step-by-step guide.

Now pin everything kitchen related that you love.
This could be finished kitchens, but also inspiring details like tiles, taps, flooring, cabinets and appliances.

Start by following our kitchen board. This'll give you loads inspiration.
We’ve already curated the best minimal kitchens for you.

Your finished board will show your designer at a glance, how your dream kitchen should look.

minimal Japanese plywood kitchen by Studio Hazeldean
For the ultimate in tailor-made minimalism, we can design you a bespoke kitchen. Here’s a modern Japanese inspired plywood kitchen we created for a client in Paris.
Studio Hazeldean
Plate kitchen in brushed aluminium finish by Reform
Reform turn basic Ikea cabinets into stunning minimal kitchens. This is Plate in brushed aluminium which blends beautifully with the stainless steel countertop. You’d never know there’s an Ikea shell inside.

3. Really love minimal? Then it’s time to purge!

Like cat hair is to corduroy, the kitchen’s a magnet for gadgets and clutter.

You’ll be surprised, what you can get rid of.
That pasta mangle you bought 3 years ago . . . it’s time to donate it.

With Marie Kondo in mind, sweep through your kitchen and for each item ask yourself

Have I used this in the last year?

Yes - keep it
No - donate it

This goes for everything from Tupperware to eggcups. Simple as that.

So roll up your sleeves and get going.
The less you have, the more minimal you can go!

K21 kitchen by Norbert Wangen for Boffi
K21 by Boffi shows why they are regarded as one of the best kitchen makers in the world. I love how the cabinet doors fit neatly over the edge of the worktop to form a handle. Absolute perfection.

From cooking and eating to entertaining and working, your kitchen's a totally versatile room.

The challenge?
To get everything you want, while keeping the minimal style you love.

Now you’ve got clarity on what you need, you can talk to your designer with confidence.

Start your dream now by downloading your Discovery Sheet.
And bring your perfect minimal kitchen one step closer.

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