Move to Minimal

The Mindset Shift Made Easy

April 2020
2 minute read
Fredericia Calmo fabric sofa in minimal white apartment
Spacious, calm, restful - your dream minimal interior.

You love minimal living.

An intelligent, efficient and sustainable way to live.
Design led with the emphasis on quality not quantity.

But you can’t have a minimal home with maximal possessions.

Your desire's there, but how do you embrace the minimal mindset?
Why’s it so difficult to let things go?


  • you’re not sure where to start
  • you think sorting will take ages
  • you have an emotional bond with your things

So, to make this super easy, here’s my move to minimal 3 step fix.

You’ll cleanse your home of clutter, clear your mind, and never look back.

The 3 Step Fix

Deciding what to keep and what to let go is simple.
Just answer 3 Questions

  • If it’s a yay, it can stay
  • If it’s a no, it’s to go!

A yes to any question means you keep something.

No need to ruminate Marie Kondo style, and thank it for the joy it’s brought you.
Just bite the bullet and embrace the minimal.

Ready to purge?

The first question to ask is . . .

Bolia, Silent minimal wooden cabinet on black metal legs
Elevated on a black steel frame, the Silent Highboard from Danish brand Bolia embodies minimalism. A beautifully proportioned cabinet, with subtle diagonal details and finished in oiled oak. The push open mechanism means no handles, a must for every minimalist.

1. Have I used it in the last year?

Every item in your house had a use.

The perished yoga mat from the 90’s, the rucksack from your camping days, the bread maker.

Hoarders justify keeping EVERYTHING, because there's a possible use.

But do you actually use it?

You’ve 6 pairs of trainers  👟

Your favourite gym pair, your reserve gym pair, your emergency pair.
A pair to go with dark jeans, a pair to go with pale.
Your summer pair, your high tops . . .

Oh no, that’s 7!
And what about those boxes you’ve not even opened yet?

The question to ask yourself is

have I worn them in the last year?

If you haven’t, then you’re not going to.

The four seasons have come and gone and you didn’t wear them once.
You don’t need them.
Shoe bank them.

The question 'have I used it in the last year?' applies to everything, not just clothes.

Fredericia, Calmo dark grey fabric armchair
Without the need for storage, your home can be a beautifully curated selection of furniture. A perfect choice is the Calmo Lounge Chair from Fredericia with it's graceful curve inside each arm rest. Shown here with black metal legs it comes in a wooden option and a mouth watering range of fabrics and soft leathers.

If it fails this question, and it’s not useful.
Move on to question 2

2. Is it beautiful?

William Morris said

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful,
or believe to be beautiful

That Balinese carving you fell in love with when travelling.
Is it beautiful, or is it just a chunk of misshapen wood?!

If you’re struggling with this one, visit the Musée du quai Branly, Paris. (worth a look even for it’s interior)
It homes some stunning works of wood art.
If yours doesn’t match up, is it worth keeping?

Obviously we find beauty in different things.
But ask yourself,

would I buy it again right now?

You may have six pictures on the wall but there’s probably only one you truly love. One that if you saw in a gallery today, you’d buy.
That’s the one to keep.

Also bear in mind if something would look right in your new minimal interior.

It might be a perfect example of Egyptian papyrus painting, but if it’s bright turquoise, it’s unlikely to go with your neutral palette.

Bolia, Case minimal oak chest of drawers
The Case series from Bolia continues the Danish tradition for design leading wooden furniture. Perched on slender metal legs this is the chest of drawers in oak. An incredibly versatile system, you can also configure media units, sideboards, a variety of wall storage units, bookcases and cabinets.

If it fails this question, and it’s not beautiful.
On to question 3

3. Is it personal and irreplaceable?

Very few possessions fall into this category.

I mean things like old photo albums or your high school year book.

Things you’d rescue in an emergency.
These are fine to keep.

If you’re finding it a wrench to let something go.
Take a photo of it first.
You’ll be able to relive the happy memories, but it won’t but cluttering your home.

Fredericia, Spine sofa in biege fabric
Fredericia shows us how spacious and relaxing your home can be without clutter. The simple lines of the Spine Sofa's legs infuse it with a sleekness that contrasts with the plump upholstery. Originally designed for a Michelin starred restaurant in Copenhagen, they've developed the Spine collection into a stunning range of sofas, armchairs, benches and stools.

Now you have the 3 step fix for moving to minimal.

  • Is it useful?
  • Is it beautiful?
  • Is it irreplaceable?

If the answer to all three is no, it’s time to let it go.

And you're set for a stunning minimal interior.

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