Welcome! I'm Dan

There's a glut of interior design studios in London.
They all say

'We're down to Earth. We listen to you. You get a personalised service. A home you love.'

That's the least you should expect.
It's like saying 'this Tesla car has wheels'.

What about a home that magazine editors are beating your door down to photograph?
An OMG home that even designers drool over?

Now you're talking. That's what we do.
(plus the other stuff too)

Portrait of interior designer Dan Hazeldean
Black and white art magazine

And into the bargain, we also save you a ton of

Money - remember The Money Pit - 80’s film with Tom Hanks? Avoid that!

Time - spend 3 months redesigning your home, or travel round the world? I know which I’d chose. Oh, except we ARE the designers.
World trip next year then :-/

And stress - more stress, or less stress? That’s a no brainer. Which means, we do ALL the stressy stuff. Like co-ordinate a gazillion suppliers and make sure the tap’s on site when the plumber arrives.

But what else?
You want more?
Ok, check out the rest in the FAQs.

The FAQs

What's Studio Hazeldean?

An interior design micro-studio, based in London.
Why micro? Because we want to grow better, not bigger.

So, what do you do?

Interior Architecture and Design - if you want more than a lick of paint, we take a sledge hammer to your walls (actually that’s the contractor's bit), shift around your doors and windows, and completely redesign your home. Oh, and make it look fabulous too.

Who's Studio Hazeldean?

Matt and Dan - mini bios coming soon.

What's your style?

In 5 words - minimal, understated, tonal, modern, Japanese(ish). Check out our Projects and Blog to see our style.

How much do you cost?

The piece of string's this long ______________. But seriously, every job’s different. That being said, the interior design’s roughly 10% of the budget. WAIT, have we told you about the great discounts we get you?! Factor those in and our design fee pays for itself.

I'm in! How do I get the ball rolling?

Simple. Email us - hello@studiohazeldean.com