Welcome, it's great to meet you and we're really glad you're here.
I'm Dan, and together with Matt, we'll design you an interior that'll set you apart.

As a multi-passionate creative, I've worked on fashion shows for Alexander McQueen; for brands like Moschino; with infamous fashion editor Isabella Blow and for the publications Italian Vogue, i-D, The Face, Sunday Times, Guardian and the Independent.

I started Studio Hazeldean in 2017 and Matt joined in 2018.
Based in London, we design thoughtful, unique interiors for intelligent creatives.

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Why we create interiors

We believe, when you redesign your home, you transform your life.
Think that's a big ask? Read what Mia had to say below, when we redesigned hers.

A well designed interior can make you happier, more relaxed, more productive, make entertaining tremendous fun (and who doesn't want more fun), and even improve your sleep. It'll bring you pleasure, every time you walk through the door.

' I love coming home.
I would come home before and think,
I can't live in this house, we've got to move!'
Mia N
Private Client, Paris

What we do

We move your life forward

You've got dreams and ambitions. Everyone does.
And a big part of this is where you live.
So your home needs to match your ambitions.
To reflect who you're becoming and where your life's going.
How do we do this?
We understand you, and then push your boundaries (gently of course).
It's only by doing this that your interior will really wow people and move your life forward.

But we won't bulldoze you

Yes, we'll push your boundaries.
But we won't trample on your thoughts and ideas.
We'll listen and understand you.
It's a collaboration every step of the way.
So the end result is 100% you.

'I felt relieved you were someone I could talk to,
which was really important.
It's a relationship and I really liked you as a person.
It's not just, you came in and did our house and that's it'
Mia N
Private Client, Paris

We save you time

With the time it takes to design your home, you could

enjoy a spa break
every weekend for a year
travel the world
for 3 months
or watch every series
on Netflix

So why waste your time measuring every inch of your apartment?
Leave that to us, and spend the time on the fun things in life.

We take the stress

We get how life is today. With work, events, organising and to do lists, you've got tons on your plate.
Do you want to be co-ordinating 30 different suppliers, to seamlessly harmonise the hundreds of elements in your home?
We'll take all this stress and handle everything, so you can enjoy planning the grand reveal.

And manage costs

So you're not sinking in a nightmare money pit (remember the 80's film with Tom Hanks?), your project needs faultless organisation.
We'll obsess about all the tiny details so costs won't spiral out of control.
Don't fret, there'll be no need to start buying all your wine from the supermarket.

We set you apart

We don't do generic hotel room luxury.
Just like you, our interiors are unique, thoughtful, and subtly sophisticated.
We design for intelligent creatives who know the difference between lambswool and cashmere.
Our designs have a modern Japanese and Scandinavian style.
They're minimal, tonal and relaxed.

Who we are


At school, I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do with my life. I loved art, but was also good at trigonometry and dissecting frogs. In the end, I listened to my teachers and chose a ‘sensible career’ - medicine. To a 16 year old, being a doctor sounded pretty cool and important.

But by the third year at medical school I realised - ‘Big Mistake’. I’d rather be studying Dazed and Confused than Gray's Anatomy. I was desperate to be creative. I even painted the floor, walls and ceiling of my room vibrant purple, green and orange (much to the horror of my landlady). But I also wanted to finish my degree, and three years later I was a junior doctor working 100+ hours a week. It wasn’t me and I felt suffocated. I had to follow my dream. So I quit, and my creative journey began!

From fashion make-up artist to studying interior design, over the next 15 years I developed a multi-passionate creative career. I lived in Paris and London; worked on fashion shows for Alexander McQueen and John Galliano; for brands from Moschino to Kilgour; with PR agencies like Purple; with infamous fashion editor Isabella Blow and for the publications Italian Vogue, i-D, The Face, Sunday Times, Guardian and the Independent. All the time, expanding my experience and growing creatively.

In 2017 I was approached by several private clients in Paris to design their homes.
The studio was born and moved to London in 2018.

fun facts on me

  1. I’m obsessed with Body Attack exercise class - the more insane the better
  2. I love electronic and 80's music - from Jeff Mills to Human League
  3. My favourite indulgence - Paul A Young chocolates (inventive flavours like bakewell tart)
Didn't find the info you wanted?
Check out the FAQs below

Is Studio Hazeldean right for me?

Is Studio Hazeldean right for me?

Yes, if you
  • like understated, tonal interiors with Japanese and Scandinavian influences
  • want a unique interior that’ll define who you’re becoming
  • appreciate simplicity in design and the importance of subtle details
  • want to incorporate your story and personality into your home
No, if you
  • want your home to look like a generic luxury hotel
  • like garish colours, flamboyant patterns and showy statement pieces
  • have already planned the layout of your rooms and chosen your furnishings

What's your pricing?

What's your pricing?

We set a fixed fee at the beginning of the project. This means you know exactly what you’ll pay at the start.

There’s a couple of exceptions. For things that are difficult to predict, like site visits, we charge an hourly rate.
And for extras like custom designed furniture, we quote separately. Otherwise, everything’s included.

Without assessing your project it’s impossible to give you a price.
But generally the interior design takes around 12% of the budget.

Remember. You’ll

  • get a stunning interior that’ll wow your friends and transform your life
  • save hundreds of hours of your time for the fun things
  • eliminate a huge amount of stress, organisation and costly mistakes

There’s a section in our guide that’ll tell you everything on pricing.

get the guide

I'd love to work with you, how do I get a quote?

I’d love to work with you, how do I get a quote?

It's simple
  1. Drop us a one line email at hello@studiohazeldean.com
    We’ll get back to you and arrange a personal call to talk about your project.
  2. The next step is to meet at your home for two hours, to discuss every aspect in detail.
    You can ask questions and we’re happy to share advice and suggestions.
    London - in person
    Other locations - on request or via Skype
  3. We’ll then put together a comprehensive quote detailing your project step by step.
    And the journey to your stunning new home has begun!

Will I get my say?

Will I get my say?

Yes, this is essential.
Creating your home is a collaboration every step of the way.
We’ll check you’re completely happy at each stage. So the end result is 100% you.

Will I have to compromise?

Will I have to compromise?

Nobody has unlimited time or budget (well, almost nobody)
But this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on a stunning interior that’ll wow your friends.

It’s our job to find creative solutions.
Although they may not be what you anticipated, you’ll love what we come up with!

Will my life be turned upside down?

Will my life be turned upside down?

Disruption’s inevitable but with our careful planning, this’ll be kept to a minimum.
However, if you’re undergoing a major renovation, we advise you move out during the work.

Do you work with clients outside London?

Do you work with clients outside London?

Whether you live in Seoul or San Francisco, we can design your home.

Are you sustainable?

Are you sustainable?

Technology’s brought us so many beautiful and sustainable interior products.

Energy saving LED lights that look like the filament bulbs we all loved.
Smart water-based paints in every colour imaginable.
Our designs include them all.

So much damage has been done to the environment as a result of interior design.
And it doesn’t have to be like this.

When should I start?

When should I start?

Depending on your project, we’d ideally begin designing one year before the building work.

Now life is never ideal, so if you’ve got less time than this
Just contact us now
We’ll pull out all the stops to get you back on track.

This sounds great,
what should I do next?

Whatever stage you’re at, the best thing to do right now is download our guide - ‘The Interior You Want’
It tells you everything you need to know to get the perfect home, without the stress.

The interior you want guide by Studio Hazeldean
get the guide