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How to get the Best from Pinterest

August 2019
4 minute read
Pinterest screenshot showing board with Studio Hazeldean pins
Have you ever been a Pin Zombie ?

Dreaming of your home renovation, you open Pinterest for inspiration.

But two hours later, you’re still scrolling through endless images with bloodshot eyes and your matcha latte's gone cold.

You got side-tracked into looking at exotic travel destinations; pinned some random fashion images; forgot to pin that great sofa and now you can’t find it; and everything’s in a mess.

You hit the X and close it down! And you’re no further forward.

We all love Pinterest, it’s a gold mine of inspiration for interior design.
There’s more than 200 billion images!

Which is great, but how do you find the best ideas without developing Pinner’s fatigue and getting overwhelmed?

Doing a few simple things will put you in control of Pinterest.

Having used Pinterest for years, these are my top tips for getting the most from this fantastic resource.

Separate your Inspiration

Pinterest analyses you and learns what you like. It does this by looking at your boards.

Think of your boards like your wardrobe. An organised wardrobe makes it easy to throw a great outfit together. Pinterest’s the same. If your boards are organised, Pinterest can throw great inspiration at you.

Let’s say you have just one board with all your ideas. A jumble of rugs, tiles, plants, bathrooms all mixed together. It makes it impossible to analyse.

Instead, create a specific board for each room. This gives Pinterest a clear idea of what you’re looking for. So it can show you the very best of what you love in your feed.

Here’s what to do

  1. Go to your profile page and click 'boards'
  2. Click the 'red plus sign'
  3. Name your board eg. Kitchen
  4. Tick the visibility box*
  5. Click 'create' to finish
  6. Repeat for each room

* Did you know? By default anyone can look at your boards. If you tick the visibility box it makes them secret.

Pinterest screenshot showing how to create a board

See the Best

Now you’ve created your boards you’ll be itching to get pinning.

But before you dive in, there’s a couple of things that’ll make your experience even better. They’ll take you from 'scattergun pinner', to professional Pinterest user.

Get Pinterest to do the hard work for you. Tell it what you’re looking for and allow it to personalise your feed. It then filters out all the rubbish. And only presents you with the most inspiring ideas, relevant to your project.

Get Pinterest working for you

  1. Open your Kitchen board
  2. Click the 'pencil icon' top left
  3. Write a description. Just a few keywords eg. Scandinavian, minimal, modern
  4. Select category as 'Design'
  5. Tick 'personalisation’
  6. Click 'save'
Pinterest screenshot showing how to edit board settings

Time to Purge

As you happily pin away, you’ll see each room taking shape. But if you’re like me, the pins you found an hour ago look stale as new ones come along. It’s time to purge.

At bit of housekeeping along the way, keeps boards clutter free and Pinterest happy. Remember, it doesn’t like jumble.

I know sometimes it’s hard to let go. But deleting makes a big difference. Here’s my top tip to work out which images to purge.

Let’s say you’re looking at kitchen tiles and worktops. With Pinterest’s great new drag and drop feature, you can move your images around the board and create different tile/worktop combinations. Once you’ve got your favourites, bin the rest.

Go clutter free

  1. Open your Kitchen board
  2. Drag and drop the images
  3. Find the best combinations
  4. Click 'organise’ at the top
  5. Select all the pins you don’t want
  6. Click 'delete’ *
  7. Click 'done’

* If you can’t bear to get rid of your pins, click 'move' to transfer them to another board.

Pinterest screenshot showing how to move or delete pins

Be Selective

Pinterest can be addictive and it’s easy to get carried away. The trick is, it pays to be picky. Don’t pin everything that catches your eye.

Because Pinterest learns what you like, only pin images you love. This keeps your feed premium, not mediocre.

The same goes when choosing who to follow.

People with great boards have already done the hard work. They’ve collected the best designs and inspiration in one place. You can pin from their edited boards, and your feed shows any new images they pin. So nothing’s missed.

Start by following us @studiohazeldean. We’ve curated 28 boards with more of what you love - the best interiors inspiration.

Follow us

  1. Click here to go to our profile
  2. Hit the red 'follow button'
  3. Select 'boards’ to see all 28
  4. Then pin away!
Infographic about following Studio Hazeldean on Pinterest

Go Five Star Pro

Which type of Pinner are you?

  1. You only pin in the bubble of Pinterest
  2. You also pin from all over the web

Yes, anything on the web is pinnable!
But only if you have the Pinterest browser button.

Get the magic button

  1. Click here and go to the Pinterest button page
  2. Drag and drop the button into your browser
  3. Find something you love on the web
  4. Click the 'red icon’ in your browser
  5. Click 'save' to choose an image and a board

Now you can pin anything from the web and bring it into Pinterest!

Pinterest screenshot showing how to use the browser button

I know what you’re saying. 'It’s sounds like hard work Dan. Can’t I just have fun and pin loads of stuff?'
Don’t do it!

You’ll be missing out on 90% of what Pinterest has to offer. Missing out on the curated, refined, premium version of Pinterest.

Doing these five simple things will set you up to get the best from this fantastic resource. And get you closer to the modern, minimal interior of your dreams.

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