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Tables and Chairs for your Outdoor Space

March 2021
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grey cord outdoor chair stood in a sunny Moroccan courtyard

Spring’s arrived!

Weeks of cold and grey London weather are over.
You glimpse the first daffodil. There’s a waft of Summer in the air.

Like a herd of buffalo sensing fresh grass, the prospect of outdoor dining leads to a frenzy of excitement.
With snorting and hoof scraping there’s a stampede for BBQs and parasols.
The dust settles, the migration’s over.
And all that’s left are white plastic stacking chairs from B+Q 😱

But you’re not one of the herd.
So what’s the alternative?

They never come up in Google search, but there’s a world of brands out there, creating stunning outdoor furniture.
Virgin pastures of beautifully designed, made to order dining tables and chairs.

So to make sure you get outdoor furniture that’s more than just a seat and a place to eat.
Here’s how to choose your furniture, plus the best brands to have on your radar.

Outdoor Dining Evolution

For years, outdoor furniture’s been about practicality.
Durable, weatherproof . . . but also ugly.

I’m all for the Bauhaus approach of function before form, but when it comes to outdoor tables and chairs this has gone too far.

Thankfully, there are brands who’ve brought a good dose of style to the equation. Tables and chairs that are super comfortable and beautifully designed.

Torsa outdoor table in black ceramic with Solid outdoor armchairs in black teak next to water on Summer evening
Solid armchair and Torsa table by Manutti

Leading the outdoor revolution is Belgian brand Manutti. Each design comes from one of four mood collections - tender earth, tropical concrete, salty dunes, or crisp water.

Their Torsa table has a contemporary urban feel. The sculpted teak legs, support a black ceramic top. Inspired by the tropical concrete mood it seats 8, ideal for a relaxed dinner with friends.

Your Dining Style

2020 was the year we discovered how important our homes were.

You worked from home, and with restaurants closed you also dined at home. Any opportunity to eat outside was a refreshing change.

So whatever happens this year, max your outdoor dining experience and make it fabulous.

Out_line outdoor chair in black metal and rope with Nude outdoor table in black metal and white ceramic in white courtyard
Out_line chair and Nude dining table by Expormim. Created from powder coated steel and handwoven rope, the delicate structure is suited to small courtyards or balconies.

The first question to ask yourself when choosing your table and chairs is

What’s your dining style?

This may sound obvious - you sit and eat! But if you take a moment to think, it’s more nuanced.

Do you prefer small and intimate, or do you love large entertaining? Is it very relaxed with friends, or do you need to entertain colleagues in a slightly more formal way? Do you sit outside with a Nespresso first thing, scanning the headlines? Or maybe a mix of all of these.

Outdoor metal Quarto table and chairs next to modern concrete house and swimming pool
The understated Quarto table from Manutti has a sleek ceramic top. Great to work and eat at.

Next question.

Do you want to work outside?

Can you sit with just your laptop, or do you need to spread out lots of paperwork? You don’t want to clear everything away for lunch, so have space to work and eat.

And if you’re working at the table pick some chairs with padding. Yes, you can get beautifully upholstered chairs that are completely weatherproof!

Outdoor loop chairs in black metal and grey fabric with outdoor dining table on rustic brick terrace with cacti
Water resistant and in a huge variety of fabrics, the Loop chair from Manutti gives relaxed comfort. With or without armrests it adapts for work or dining, indoors or out.

If your outdoor living area is big enough you’ll also want sofas and armchairs. Consider this when planning your outdoor dining.

Less outdoor dining chair in modern cane with Joy outdoor dining table  in  grey aluminium and ceramic with a sofa on modern terrace with tropical plants overlooking the sea
Danish brand Cane-Line shows how you can combine their Joy dining table and Less armchairs with a sofa to create a truly versatile space.

Get clear on how you use your outside space. This’ll determine the size, shape and style of furniture you buy.

Plan Your Menu - shape and space

You want to optimise your space without cramming too much in. Particularly if storage is tricky. First consider your table shape. Here are the pros and cons of each.

Circular tables are more intimate, everyone’s seen, it’s easier to talk, but they’re a less efficient use of space.
Rectangular tables seat more but the people at the ends can feel left out.
Square tables are a happy medium but only seat four.
Extendable tables are a great solution turning circle into oval, and square into rectangle. But only some designs can be extended.

Landscape outdoor dining table in aluminium with fabric cord outdoor dining chair in Townhouse garden
Restrained and minimal, Landscape dining table from Kettal comes in two extendable versions seating 6-10 or 8-12. Available in 30 colours, the leaves slide out effortlessly on rollers.

Barcelona based Kettal are world leaders in outdoor furniture. Every piece is hand made and finished in Spain, faithful to their philosophy of respect for the environment. Teak from sustainably managed plantations and recyclable eco-paints. To drive innovation they organise concept creation groups with young designers from different cultures and disciplines.

When you’ve picked your table shape, there are more ways to optimise your space.
For example, if you’ve a London courtyard garden, double up. Just buy one set of chairs that you can use indoor and out. I call this fluid living.
And if storage space is tight, use chairs that stack - yes there are beautiful ones!

Solid armchair from Manutti is ideal for doubling up. It’s inviting sensual shape moulds to your body. A graceful wooden frame combining strength and comfort. The design works indoors or out, and it’s stackable.

Solid outdoor armchair in teak by Manutti in modern mediterranean courtyard with olive tree
Solid armchair in teak by Manutti

Main Ingredients - materials

Always think of your outside space as a continuation of your inside. There should be a seamless flow between the two. A great way to achieve this is by using the same materials. Here’s the lowdown of the key ones with inspiration for each.


Teak’s traditionally used for outdoor furniture. With a high natural oil content, it’s hard wearing, resistant to rot and almost impervious to sun, rain, frost or snow. It naturally oxidises over time to a beautiful soft silver-grey. All the best companies use teak from sustainable plantations so you’re not contributing to deforestation.

Designed by Jasper Morrison, the Riva range is a modern take on the traditional plank design with subtle rounded detailing. I love the invisible feet adjusters. No wobbles, no spilt Pimms! For extra comfort, optional squishy cushions come in 34 muted colours.

Modern teak outdoor dining table and armchairs from Riva range by Kettal next to modern glass sided house
Riva dining armchair and table by Kettal

Gloster specialise in teak. Based near the Perhutami plantations of East Java, all their furniture is hand made by skilled Indonesian craftsmen.

Their Carver table’s a beautiful example of Danish design meets artisanal woodworking. The slatted teak top has a buffed finish and sits on a sculpted powder coated frame. Sizes range from an 89cm square to a 2.8m rectangle. Styled here with their Archi dining chair, it’s back rest wrapped in outdoor rope.


Weatherproofed by surface treatments or painting, metal can be formed into interesting shapes. The best options are aluminium, used for it’s lightness, and steel for it’s strength.

Prato is my top pick of metal framed tables. U-shaped legs are forged from solid iron then sanded and anti-oxidised. I love how the minimal design connects to the table top.
Shown here in teak and partnered with their rope backed Duo chair, it comes in ceramic and glass options. Both are designed for indoor and out. A great choice to double up for your minimal kitchen.

Modern teak and black metal outdoor dining table and chairs by Manutti next to modern Mediterranean house with aloe plants
Duo chair and Prato table by Manutti

In contrast to the angles of Prato are the sinuous arcs of Curve chair. With contoured teak seat and winged back rest that hugs you, it’s a comfortable choice.

Dark grey aluminium and teak Curve chair by Gloster on modern wooden terrace with swimming pool and olive trees
Curve chair by Gloster


Think of ceramic as artificial stone. Made by super heating sand, clay and natural stone it’s harder than granite. Practically indestructible. So no need for heat pads when you bring the Le Creuset to the table.

An inventive use of ceramic is Split table. Two large lozenges perch on Y-shaped legs. Dividing the table top adds lightness to the design. Seen here in pumice it also comes in black nero and seats 10. Perfect for a poolside party.

Split outdoor ceramic table and Ryder outdoor metal dining chair on wooden terrace next to modern infinity pool overlooking hills
Split dining table with Ryder dining chair by Gloster


Cane from the Rattan vine has been used to make furniture for centuries. With a nod to this tradition, Patricia Urquiola designed the Vimini chair for Kettal.
Vimini means wicker in Italian, but although the chair has a nostalgic quality it’s made of synthetic fibre that’s durable and easy to clean.

Beautifully complimenting the woven design is Mesh table. It’s cylindrical base has perforations like contemporary architectural grills that filter light. An interesting design detail.

Modern cane outdoor dining chairs with mesh metal outdoor dining table next to modern teak house in Indonesia
Vimini dining chair and Mesh dining table by Kettal

Another modern interpretation of cane is Maia dining armchair. It has a light, open structure created by hand braiding eco-friendly synthetic fibre. With 30 frame colours and 35 seat fabrics there’s almost limitless options.

Maia outdoor dining armchair in black mesh with Vieques outdoor dining table in aluminium on a modern teak terrace overlooking palm trees
Maia dining armchair and Vieques dining table by Kettal


Taking the cane idea a stage further, designers are creating chairs with cord. This gives flexible support, ultra comfort, and allows rainwater to pass straight through.

Nodi armchair from Tribù has interlaced, PVC hemp rope, wound round a geometric metal frame. The chair looks light and airy, and the subtly angled armrests are a nod to modernism.

Modern metal and cord Nodi outdoor armchair with metal and ceramic outdoor t-table on modern wood terrace with grasses
Nodi armchair and T-table by Tribù

And finally, here’s a chair that combines all these materials and still looks minimal. Inspired by the elegance of America’s Cup racing yachts - The Dean armchair from Dedon.

Their motto is 'only the best - and then some' and it shows. Recyclable fibre blends with fabric and envelopes the aluminium frame. And with teak armrest inlays it’s sophisticated, refined and timeless.

Modern white metal and teak outdoor dining Dean armchair by Dedon next to modern swimming pool
Dean armchair by Dedon

The Finishing Design Touch

Every dining experience, extending late into the Summer evening needs lighting. So here’s my top pick for a minimal light. Overhang Half Dome from Kettal.

Created by Naoto Fukasawa who specialises in simplicity and minimalism, it’s the epitome of modern Japanese design. It’s operated via a hidden sensor by passing your hand under the dome.

And with your outdoor furniture in the bag, discover how to create the perfect ambience, with this minimal tableware.

Overhand Half Dome modern metal outdoor floor lamp in grey, metal and ceramic outdoor table with concrete wall and floor and sunlight
Overhang Half Dome floor lamp by Kettal

Outdoor dining’s come a long way.
From wobbly wooden tables and plastic stacking chairs.
To elegant design, innovative materials, versatility and comfort.

Your key considerations when choosing your furniture are - dining style, table shape, using space and coordinating materials.

So look further than the obvious and go exclusive.
Select from the well designed and made to order.

Elevate your outdoor dining this Summer and avoid the stampede!

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