Edit no.2

Leading Designs of the Year - Lighting and Rugs

July 2020
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Flat hanging lamp by Vibia
Welcome to Edit no.2, continuing my search for the hidden gems of 2020.

In Edit no.1, I revealed the leading minimal furniture designs - sumptuous sofas, architectural armchairs and dining tables fit for a feast.
But there’s more . . .

I've scoured the globe to bring you the best lighting and rugs released this year.

Ready to add subtle wow factor to your minimal interior?


by menu

Perfected over centuries, how could the Japanese paper lantern ever be improved?
Well, Norm Architects have done it with their Hashira collection.

Hashira lighting collection, marble table, grey wall
Hashira Collection by Norm Architects

Keeping the classic column shape, they’ve added a contemporary nordic feel. Melding traditional eastern and modern western aesthetics.

The slender structure is visible through the shade giving a bold graphic form. While the linen covering emits the same subtle diffuse light as paper. The fabric absorbs sound and add softness to your room.

Available as a floor, table or pendant, I love the Hashira Cluster. A trio of pendants suspended from a black cord. It brings a silent elegance to your minimal interior.

Hashira table lamp against grey wall
Hashira Table Lamp by Norm Architects
Traditional Japanese lanterns are made from Washi - a tough paper, handmade from the inner bark of the kōzo bush.

by vibia

I first spotted Flat a year ago when it previewed at Salone del Mobile in Milan - don’t say I’m not ahead of the curve!

At that stage it was a prototype.
Now, it's a fully developed range of ceiling, pendant, floor and table lights.

Flat hanging lights against fabric and wood screens
Flat Hanging Lamp 5935 and 5940 by Ichiro Iwasaki

It adapts perfectly to different situations.
The basic concept’s a simple metal disc - either floating overhead or rising like a geometric snake. I love how it forms a cleverly integrated side table in the floor lamp.

Concealed within the structure, dimmable light is bounced between discs to create soft pools of illumination.

Delicate yet strikingly graphic, Flat’s a masterpiece of minimal architectural lighting. Crafted from metal it’s available in black, white, grey, green and terra red.

Flat floor lamps on sisal rug against grey green wall
Flat Floor Lamp 5955 and 5945 by Ichiro Iwasaki

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by menu

I knew this would catch your eye. It looks odd at first glance but there’s something beautiful about it, don’t you think?

Reverse table lamp on marble plinth against oak headboard
Reverse Table Lamp by Aleksandar Lazic

Can you believe the starting point for this design was 1970’s Italian marble tables?
Now I know a lot of ugly stuff came out of the 70’s, but this lamp distills the best.

A precision milled aluminium shade casts light across the stone base, highlighting the travertine’s beauty and natural imperfections. Its warm glow is dimmable by the cleverly disguised switch on top.

hand dimming reverse table lamp
Reverse Table Lamp by Aleksandar Lazic

The designer’s philosophy is 'balance', and these two contrasting materials pull this off perfectly.

Certainly not an average table lamp!


by cecilie manz studio

No, it’s not morse code with a hidden message.
Just beautiful rugs created from dots.

Dots rug in cream and black on grey floor
Dots by Cecilie Manz Studio
Fritz Hansen

They started life as collages.
The designer overlaying sheets of paper, patterned with ink.

There are two depths of interest.
From a distance you see bold shapes and geometry.
Up close, they’re detailed and nuanced with the hand tufted wool cut at different levels.

A restrained design statement, these carpets bring calm to your minimal space.

Dotted balance rug in cream and black on grey floor
Dotted Balance by Cecilie Manz Studio
Fritz Hansen

Cecilie Manz leads contemporary Danish design. Her range of design achievements are impressive - B&O speakers, Japanese cutlery, contemporary furniture, and now these beautiful minimal rugs.

by nanimarquina

Like a piece or artwork for your floor, every Telares Kilim rug's unique.

Made from natural un-dyed wool, blended with just one other colour, the design's produced by varying the tension on a hand loom. This creates organic flowing curves. A different pattern each time.

Telares kilim wool rug in ebony
Telares in ebony

Kilim rugs usually have a strong geometric pattern, but Telares is all sweeping waves.
How have Nanimarquina done this?
By combining techniques used in Kilim and Dhurrie carpets and pushing the boundaries of what a loom can do. This is beautiful craftsmanship.

Telares is an intelligent way to add texture and interest to your minimal interior.
Made from 100% Afghan wool and available in 3 sizes and 5 colours - ebony, fog, indigo, pine and carmine.

Telares rug and Spanish chair in modern concrete room with view of mountains
Telares in Ebony
Kilim - a flat woven rug with no pile.
The weaving technique produces very sharp colour boundaries usually with slits in the rug where the colour changes.

Subtle, sophisticated, tactile and understated.
Now you’re in on this years leading designs.

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