Minimal Interior Plants

Want a Taschen Book Interior? Invest in Green

July 2019
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Cocos nucifera
As a global traveller, you’ll have spotted plants everywhere in todays interiors.

Lush foliage in hotels, living walls in restaurants and even full size trees in luxury stores.

Like a perfect fashion accessory, the right greenery brings a minimal interior to life.

Designers use indoor plants as living art to add the finishing touch. They’re calming, purifying and restful.

Think banks of ferns in Aesop, dramatic palms in a Marrakech Riad, and statement trees at Daroco restaurant in Paris.

So how can you get that Taschen book interior without boggling botanical names and soil under your nails?


Whatever your space, here’s the perfect plant.


Floor standing tree

If you love big and dramatic, go for this one.

Used in Céline stores around the world, the glossy tropical leaves soften an angular interior.

It looks stunning in the evening when under lit, creating the ideal ambience for dinner guests.

See how we used it in the dining room of this modern apartment in Paris, to reflect the planting on the terrace and botanical themed artwork.

Ficus lyrata

Ficus lyrata


Living sculpture

Sun, sun, sun, this plant can’t get enough of it!
Near a bright window, it'll thrive.

Use it as a sculpture in a minimal room for total wow factor.

Spiny glaucous leaves against a plain wall. The ultimate in design confidence.

Agave americana

Agave americana


Bold foliage

It’s common name 'Elephant’s Ear’ might give you a clue. This tropical plant has broad supple leaves.

Although large and architectural, it’s grace and elegance will enhance a room, rather than demand attention.

Alocasia gageana

Alocasia gageana


Totally versatile

Most indoor plants thrive in bright light.
This one’s the opposite. It’ll flourish in a low light room.

The rippled vibrant leaves bring energy to any spot.

Your bathroom is the ideal place for this fern, giving a spa effect.

For subtle contrast, pair it with a matte grey concrete pot.

Asplenium nidus

Asplenium nidus


Bonsai jar

The perfect miniature garden complete with slate pebbles and moss. It embodies zen tranquility.

In this minimal Japanese apartment, it brought a drop of nature to the bedroom. A small oasis of purity and calm.

The ultimate in easy care, you only water twice a year. Put it near a window and it'll do the rest.

This beautiful jar was crafted by Green Factory. Their stores are like traditional sweet shops lined with jars of every size, each with a unique creation. Well worth a visit when you're next in Paris or London.

17 rue Lucien Sampaix, Paris Xe
123 Bethnal Green Road, London E2

Green Factory terrarium bonsai tree

As you might have guessed, we've a passion for plants in design. They enhance minimal interiors and bring a restful calm and elegance.

These select five are the perfect finishing touch for any room.

Invest in green and create a Taschen book interior in your home.

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